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About Nordo Nissi III

Nordo Nissi III is a Financial Advisor at Pleasant Street Wealth Management, where, outside of his work in finance, he also works in real estate construction as the Project Manager at Pleasant Street Management, LLC. 

Outside of his career, Nordo Nissi loves to travel, spending time exploring the world around him. Soon after marrying his wife, Nordo began traveling with her, her mother, her father, and her sisters to explore different parts of the world. Together with his in-laws, Nordo had a chance to see many new sights and gain new experiences. 

Once they had children, their travel plans changed a little and became centered around the family. When they reached school age, a lot of time was spent visiting them, and when two of his children decided to play sports in college, Nordo Nissi and his wife began traveling to watch them participate in their various events. After his children all graduated from school, Nordo’s weekends felt empty without a game to watch or a match to cheer on. However, with two children living in Colorado, one based in Upstate New York, and one living in San Francisco, the two now have plenty of travel options to explore on their way to visit their children. 

Of everywhere he’s had a chance to visit, Nordo Nissi has two favorite destinations: he loves West Falmouth, Massachusetts, and he always enjoys the time he spends at Vero Beach in Florida. Outside of the United States, Nordo also likes to explore London, England. He also holds fond memories of San Francisco from each visit; so many people convene in San Francisco, and just by walking down the street, you can bump into people from all across the world. 

While he’s had the chance to visit many beautiful places, Nordo Nissi has never really had the opportunity to explore the Western United States, seeing the plains and taking in the majesty. Eventually, his goal is to spend a few weeks out West, developing some natural skills. He wants to learn how to fly fish and spend time in nature, walking up and down the river. 

Travel also affords us a chance to see the world through juxtapositions you’d never consider. As a traveler, Nordo Nissi is fascinated by the fact that he can be skiing in Tahoe in the morning and be swimming in the Pacific Ocean by the afternoon, simply by hopping on a plane. You can enjoy all of the majesties that the world has to offer just by visiting different parts of it. 

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