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Preparations before setting off on vacation can become overwhelming quickly. A million different tasks may race through one’s mind that must be completed before leaving. Besides getting everything packed to go, it is important to organize what needs to be done before taking off. The following list can assist in getting the house all prepped to hit the road.


Take all necessary precautions to prevent a fire while being away from the house. This means unplugging all electronics that do not require any type of power while away for the week. Such electronics would include routers, televisions, and computers. Not only does this help cut the cost on the electric bill, but will ensure nothing catches fire while gone.


Program the thermostat to help save energy while away. Many thermostats now have an “away” setting to automatically adjust the temperature when the owners are not home. When returning from vacation it may take time for the house to adjust back accordingly to a more comfortable temperature.


In order to help deter any type of theft or break-in while away be, sure to put lights on timers. There are several options in order to do this. Some may choose to set it on a timer by analog, or control the lights by remote or by smartphone. This allows the lights to be on a different schedule each day. If the intent is to make the house look occupied, there is even the option to have the television played for several hours each day to make it more convincing.


While it may seem common sense, there is still the risk of forgetting to clean out the refrigerator and take out the garbage. Forgetting to clean out the fridge may result in all sorts of spoiled food upon arriving home. Not only will this be quite the mess to clean, but can cause a rancid odor. Leaving trash to sit all week long will equally contribute to bringing pests into the home while away.


Lastly, ensure that all windows and doors are locked before leaving the house for good. All too often people are caught up in the hype of leaving for their trip, and do not properly check all windows and doors.