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Whether you’re on your first road trip or you feel like an old pro, the idea of packing can be daunting. It’s excellent that you can bring anything you want with you. There are no baggage fees to stop you. However, this much greater potential can make it difficult to feel like you know what you’re doing. Do you have absolutely everything?


First of all, most things you can pick up on the road if you really need to, so don’t stress. One of the great things about a road trip is the freedom to drive anywhere, including a store if necessary. It’s nice to not have to do that though, and there are some things you should really be prepared for, so let’s look at some road trip essentials to pack for the best trip possible.


1. Your Car and Driving Paperwork


Do you have a number for roadside assistance? You also want to have your driver’s license, your car manual, and your car’s insurance and registration information. These are basics, but can get lost in the mix of everything else, so make sure you have them first.


2. A First Aid Kit


When you step outside of your routine, it’s easier for little bumps and scrapes to happen. Be prepared with a basic first aid kid. This should include sunscreen, which you’ll likely need with the sun bearing down on you all day in the car.


3. A Spare Tire And Other Car Essentials


Do you have a spare tire? Have you checked the pressure in your tires? When was the last time you had an oil change? Do you have some spare fluids in the back? These can all make your life a lot easier before you hit the road.


4. Snacks!


You can always stop at a gas station or grocery store to refuel, but this often leads to less healthy choices. Bring a small cooler and you can keep your drinks cool and healthy snacks at the ready like carrot sticks, cheese, and hummus. Also bring things like pretzels, granola bars, and dried fruit. It can be fun to visit a store where they sell things in bulk and create your own trail mix with dried fruits, nuts, and other treats you love.


5. Entertainment


Everyone has their own phone, so this can help, but on a long trip it’s best to prepare some extra entertainment. Bring along an audiobook or two, download some podcasts, and have ebooks at the ready.