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While many restrictions are lifted every day, there are people who are a part of vulnerable populations that may not be comfortable or feel ready to venture into public spaces again. Fortunately, because of technology, there are some ways to keep entertained without leaving the safety of your own home. 


Summer is rapidly approaching and it’s completely understandable for people to start pining for the days when they used to plan adventures, even when they were just day trips with the kids. The travel industry and hospitality, in general, are among the hardest hit because of COVID-19. Humans are a social species and we like to gather in exotic places and enjoy great food and drinks. 


Virtual field trips are all the rage with little ones. You can now bring the zoo or aquarium to your living room, among other places such as historical monuments and famous landmarks and museums. People are visiting places they normally would never see, such as the Vatican or the Great Wall of China. It is now possible to spend a little time in Paris before jetting off to Barcelona, and then London. Washington DC is packed with museums as well, which might provide an entertaining tie-in with school homework about our nation’s history. 


One of the best parts of any vacation or holiday or celebration is the planning and excitement and anticipation. There is nothing stopping you from planning for your next trip, especially since prices on travel have never been lower. The tourism industry is going to be hungry for business as soon as restrictions are lifted, so there are all sorts of record-breaking deals that are available during these unprecedented times.


Even if you have never invested in the stock market before, this might be a good time to learn how to trade. Just like with hotel and travel fares, the prices of commodities are at all-time lows. If you have the money to invest, you might want to do your research and dip a toe into Wall Street before prices go up again. There are many electronic websites that can help you set up an account and begin trading, such as e-trade


While you are at home, there are also plenty of streaming TV shows and movies to get lost in for a while. There are a ton of nature documentaries that will feel like you are swimming in the ocean alongside sea creatures or climbing trees with the monkeys. For people who miss live music, there are even digital concerts being performed, as well as plenty of live-streams being offered on social media platforms for local bands.